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Will be posted 2 Saturdays a month!

Next one is listed for November 8th and November 22.

Keep watching my friends!

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Friday Favorites

Weekly favorites picked by the admins!

The Friday Favorites are a weekly themed feature of artworks selected by admins. Each week, admins pick one or two artworks that relate to the theme so that every artist, regardless of their skill level, has an opportunity for their artworks to be featured.

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Feature O' Friends

Feature a friend and get featured in return!

This bi-weekly series (published on Mondays) is aimed at developing and nurturing community spirit by allowing members to suggest a friend to be featured in the next issue. Those who suggest a friend can have their artwork featured as well!

Launch | #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6 | #7 | #8 | #9 | 10# | #11 | #12 | #13 | #14 | #15 | #16 | #17 | #18 | #19 | #20 | #21 | #22 | #23 | #25 | #26

Random Member Features

A random member featured each week!

This weekly feature (published on Wednesday) focuses on promoting the work of one active member of the group. Want to join in? Read the Random Features each week and comment on the artworks to have a chance to be featured in the following week!

gigi-avila | Gycinn | lunarflower11 | Samuel-Paul | Tatasz | AStoKo | AlexFarrowHamblen | Tyzranan | EliaOwl | NJ-Shadow | Princess-CoCo | Idanei | HeySnapDragon | Snashyle | TheWickedWordSmith | KaiTehFox | SimplySilent | Hoz-Boz | bloodawni | silverharmony | awesomestickfigure | Sempiternally | Erladino | Dragonflysunning | Nadia116 | xxjollynekoxx | AppleBlossomGirl | To-Ka-Ro | 16Shards | sugarmints | MaddyluvsCats1 | Tanikel | InaWolfsimage | Goodnight-Melbourne | StudioIJb | blekimaru | sarumaneyarou | Cheslah | Syinthetic | MitsukiTinky | Momenti-Photo | Erisiar | DeathofaSalesLlama | The-Story-Spinner | ClamDiggy | KnifeInToaster | Rgdraw | Falonian | artisticallystrange | CalicoNorth
|Xarime| Jiyu-Kaze || William Bolak || Kura-ou || RgDraw |

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Countdown to Prompt Challenge #19 - When I Grow Up...

Countdown ended
Saturday, October 4th @ 2:59pm

The previous prompt challenge is now over! The next prompt will be posted soon.

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Feedback Corner #22

Thu Oct 23, 2014, 5:19 PM by Noctualis:iconnoctualis:

Looking for some constructive feedback on your artwork? Welcome to the Feedback Corner, where deviants can give each other comments and receive some comments (as well as a feature) in return! :eager:

How this works

  1. Reply to the most recent comment on this journal and leave a constructive comment of at least 3 sentences. If you would rather leave a constructive comment on the actual artwork, you may do that as well. Just remember to comment here as well to let people know that feedback has been given. :D
  2. Write a new comment on this journal with the link or thumb code to an artwork you'd like some feedback on.
  3. Wait for someone to reply to your comment, and then feel free to continue on the cycle! The more feedback you leave, the more you'll receive in return, so give it a go~ :la:


Not sure what to write? :confused: Try writing one sentence each for the following things:

  • What you like most about the artwork
  • What you think the artist can improve on
  • The overall idea/feeling you received from the artwork


Everyone who participates in this round will receive a feature of their artwork from the group! :deviation: Thank you to the following deviants who left some very helpful feedback on the last round! :heart:

Ollie-boy by PlagueRat24601  digital painting 4 by VeryBlueLemonade   Julia's Diary - Introduction2nd of October, 2010
Who we are?
'Here we go, Again!' - That was the first thing I have said since we have returned to that Universe. Like most of us, I never would have dreamt I would have have been back. But I suppose life had to be as cruel as possible. Even for someone like me.
Why would I say it? Well, You may not believe it, but me and my companions have been here before. And now we are back - jugding by what we have witnessed and heard, we are going to be the Bad Guys the second time. Why? Two reasons:
1. Because our friend has a personal grudge against this show, and will most certainly stop at nothing to take his revenge, and
2. Since it's not the first time, we already know what to expect from this Universe, and none of us wants to ever become a part of it. I guess that is why fighting the native inhabitants never seemed like a big deal to us - for me, at least. I am not sure about the rest of us.
I suppose I should have introduced me and my friends, first. My mistake. But ho
 Elsa by miss-emu  Crime by DanielL2904  Ribcage by frostyshadows  Beyond the Key by RubyRyn  You Should've Seen It by Prussianess  Keaghlan Ashley's Muse of Creation (complete) by VampiresaQueen  Farewell My Kingdom by LeenaHill  Gaia Commission: MicachuTheOnly by moonlight-fox  Domain of the Red Queen by VampiresaQueen   NightmaresThe same fear has always been at the back of my mind, a recurring nightmare from long ago. It wasn’t my eventual death that terrified me, but the slow and agonizing torture before the end.
The desperate struggling, the begging. The pleas left ignored as I’m held back by hands… by chains. The pounding of each nail on the lid, sealing my fate forever. The banging and yelling, calling for help from anyone who could hear me. The scraping, bloody fingernails on wood. The drop, the heavy thud landing six feet below. Each shovel packing more and more of the earth, burying me alive. The suffocation and claustrophobia… oh god, the moment everything closes in and I knew it really was the end.
I always awoke gasping for air, shaking and hysterical. But this time, I don’t.
Because now, it isn't just a nightmare.
 halloween party by rochele10  Sasha's Clown Doll from Face Off by VampiresaQueen  Swamped by RubyRyn  TouTouday by Amai-tapioca  Evra Von by PlagueRat24601  the grass spot. by verirrtesIrrlicht  Sasha by Dianamisu  Fall by StudioIJB

Skin by SimplySilent
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