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This weekly series (published on Mondays) is aimed at developing and nurturing community spirit by allowing members to suggest a friend to be featured in the next issue. Those who suggest a friend can have their artwork featured as well!

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The Friday Favorites are a weekly themed feature of artworks selected by admins. Each week, admins pick one or two artworks that relate to the theme so that every artist, regardless of their skill level, has an opportunity for their artworks to be featured.

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Feature O' Friends #52

Mon May 4, 2015, 2:54 AM by Tiha90:icontiha90:

Time for another issue of Feature O' Friends! This series is aimed at developing and nurturing community spirit by allowing members to suggest a friend to be featured in the next issue. Those who suggest a friend will also have their art featured as well. :deviation:

How to Feature

Interested? Come on, we'd love to see who you're willing to suggest! But before you do any suggesting, here are some guidelines and steps you should take in order to participate.
  1. First, think of a friend who you think deserves a feature, and write up to 5 sentences why you think your friend should be featured.
  2. Choose two deviations from their gallery and paste the thumb codes of them here. Make sure to delete the last : from the thumb code so that it is easier for us to copy and paste.
  3. Also include the thumb codes of two of your own artworks.
  4. Submit your suggestion as a comment on this journal, and wait for you and your friend to be featured in the next issue. :happybounce:

:la: While not necessary, feel free to use the form below upon suggesting (in case you feel confused about all of this):

I'm suggesting:
[insert write up here]
Examples of their gallery: :thumb000000000 :thumb000000000
My work: :thumb000000000 :thumb000000000

:iconpaunexus6: paunexus6

She's a very talented artist who doesn't get enough recognition. She does drawings as well as photography, and both are amazing. Her art is original and thought-provoking. If you're into cyberpunk and sci-fi, you'll love her work :D

Suggested by: Alaksi

Friend's Works

Obey by paunexus6 New York by paunexus6

Suggester's Works

Firebug by Alaksi Yet another random dragon by Alaksi

:iconszigeti: Szigeti

These are the reasons I think Peter deserves to get this feature are man and here is a few of them:
I find Peter to be an undiscovered Deviant artist and his works are so incredible well done and he should get more attention for his detailed works.
I just recently discovered Peter and his works, a new friend with art that is wonderful in my eyes!
I look up to Peters way of drawing lines and I hope to become as talented as him one day. Also, I hope to get to know Peter better.

Suggested by: sHavYpus

Friend's Works

Dragonear by Szigeti Flowerhair Fairy by Szigeti

Suggester's Works

CELLULOID INVASIONS by sHavYpus Solve the puzzle by sHavYpus

:iconzarashi99: Zarashi99

Zarashi99 is a wonderful and exceptionally kind deviant. Talking to her always makes my day feel very special. She puts a lot of effort into her art and her manga, "Days of Yore", which is a brilliant read. Being a friend of hers is a real pleasure! :love:

Suggested by: xXNami-sanXx

Friend's Works

Days of Yore - Ch 1 (Prologue) by Zarashi99 Guardian Fox by Zarashi99

Suggester's Works

I've already analysed you! by xXNami-sanXx Apollo by xXNami-sanXx

:iconladymaryjaneholland: LadyMaryJaneHolland

LadyMaryJaneHolland is a very kind person, who work hard to make the beautiful drawings she make. She's a very underrated artist, and I think her art deserves more love. Her drawings are so shiny and colourful and she's working on a very good doujin. You just need to check it out.

Suggested by: Theluki986

Friend's Works

BRAGO! by LadyMaryJaneHolland DOUJIN - CHIKARA NO BRAGO by LadyMaryJaneHolland

Suggester's Works

Ren/Len Tao by Theluki986 Zeo Zakeruga - Zeon's true power by Theluki986

:iconxxnami-sanxx: xXNami-sanXx

There are plenty of reasons why. ^_^ First, it's because she's a very talented artist; visit her profile and gallery and you'll know I'm right. ;) Second, she's a very kind, friendly person with a big :heart: -- we've only been friends recently (even though we haven't met in real life, I cherish her as a real friend) and exchanged messages to one another. How she touched my heart and brightened my days with her words! Third, she's a very humble artist and she's like a sun that sheds inspiration to newbie artists like me. :love:

Suggested by: Zarashi99

Friend's Works

I've already analysed you! by xXNami-sanXx Parcee by xXNami-sanXx

Suggester's Works

Days of Yore - Volume 1 (Alternate Cover) by Zarashi99 Days of Yore - Ch 1 (Epilogue) by Zarashi99

:icondraaket: DraakeT

This is a wonderful artist, a very kind man and a good friend! His art are very detailed and with a deep sense. Each painting is not only harmonious and beautiful image, but also a world in which you are immersed. This is exciting! I believe that his work should be seen! I think he's an excellent artist who deserves lots of attention.

Suggested by: MariaSemelevich

Friend's Works

Tomb Raider Snake Temple by DraakeT by DraakeT Marie Laveau by DraakeT 2400x1324 by DraakeT

Suggester's Works

Alice by MariaSemelevich Blade Runner by MariaSemelevich

Skin by SimplySilent
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Pics i critiqued on
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